This is happening on a very regularly basis, maybe one in four attempts. The problem existed before but happening only occasionally, now it is almost expected. To describe the issue, say I may have a creature already set, say Rex 120 from an earlier tame. I then return to the app some time later and select the level or creature window and input the new value. At this point the app simply crashes and I am returned to the home screen. Interestingly the value that was input is actually retained when the app is restarted, rather than the previous value, so the crash must happen after the value is saved in the app. Perhaps it is somehow related to the app going into operating system background from the previous time values were input and this somehow results in an issue when the previous memory is accessed, I really don’t know but it’s very frustrating to have to restart so often. I use an iPad Mini 4 running os version 15.7.9 and have been using the app on this device for some years. Thank you!