From HouseofKeo:

so Dododex shows me the following

Example a 150 zino with Kibble on 5x taming

48 mins to tame

15.4 mins topor timer

Narco required

161, 515 berries or 81 toxin

Vs SA Comp also shows

that to refill topor

I need 230 Narco and it takes 30 mins to refill the bar (before it begins to drain again) such that if i narced em up 230+ narcos from 1 topor id have 30 mins + the normal 15.4 before it would wake up again

Berries on the other hand if I feed it 1226 berries i get over an hour just to fill topor

Dododex mobile does not show this info and its quite valuable as its better to force feed something narcoberries to maximize the time before they wake up (dimetrodons for example)